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Founded by Kayla Lyne 

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Project feme's work

Project consultation & training

Project feme is a company that specializes in providing project training, coaching, and consultancy services to non profits and individuals transitioning to program or project roles. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service while bringing joy, creativity, efficiency, and simplicity to every project we work on.

Areas of expertise

- Tailored project training programs for non-profits and individuals transitioning to project roles

- Expert consultancy services to streamline project processes and enhance operational efficiency

- Collaborative approach fostering innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement

- Results-oriented focus on measurable outcomes and impactful project success

- Supportive guidance through mentorship, coaching, and expert advice

- Strategic partnership to customize solutions, drive success, and empower clients

Project's at their best

Every project deserves a clear vision, meticulous planning, and dedicated teamwork to thrive. 

Every leader deserves support, resources, and the opportunity to incorporate creativity and vision to every project.

Every team supporting a project deserves opportunities to shine in their expertise, and grow in skill.

Our Services

Project Training

We will provide comprehensive training programs tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our training sessions will cover all aspects of project management, from planning and organizing to execution and evaluation.

Project Coaching

We will work closely with individuals to help them build the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their project management roles.

Project Consultancy

We will provide expert consultancy services to nonprofits and organizations in need of project management support. Our consultants will offer guidance and advice to help clients improve their project processes and achieve their goals.

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